Sep 042014
Inkle Loom Carry Bag

It took me a month to make this. Not that I am that slow, but I had find a 34 inch zipper and then wait for it to come from China. I love it! I can’t wait to use it on November 8th and 9th when I set up at the arts and crafts show at 404 [Full Article]

Aug 052014
New Guitar Straps

I am now making guitar straps for sale. These two sell for $50 each. The White Fade to Black one was a special order. I will be making a couple more in the near future that will illustrate design, patterns, and Alpha-numeric characters.

Embroidery Stripes

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Jul 302014
Embroidery Stripes

I have named this weave Embroidery Stripes because it is made of embroidery floss that my grandmother and mother gave to me.