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Thanks for stopping by! This site is going through a redesign so not much to see right now. Check back often. I promise it wont be long before I have everything just right! 🙂

I am currently having loads of fun making lots of treasures, but if you want something custom made, just contact me by clicking here.

I love designing websites and creating things with thread and yarn. Here are some of the websites I have designed. If you want me to do this for you, contact me by clicking here.


Social Goose

My experiment with planned color pooling. I am really enjoying this technique using a variegated yarn.

Aunt Goose @ 2016-12-18

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A couple of examples of the hand warmers I have been working on.

Aunt Goose @ 2016-11-25

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Been very busy making these. So many lovely colors to choose!

Aunt Goose @ 2016-11-21

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