Monitoring Social Media

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Jan 252011

Everyone out there knows by now that companies monitor social media sites to screen prospective employees. Now I know that you can probably eliminate the one or two crazies a year applying for a job if you are big company and are really worried about it, but really what is gained from this kind of activity? Isn’t it purely subjective when you are depending on the opinions of yet another person hired to monitor these sites? Who monitors the monitor?

I would like to see some informed input here. No, I have not been turned down for a position because of my social media activities. I am just really curious as to the true benefits of this kind of activity. So… WHAT SAY YOU?


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Jan 162011

So the hubby and I watched 3 movies this weekend.

On Friday we went to see The Green Hornet in 3D. It was probably the most action packed movie either of us has ever seen. The dialogue had a few pointless curse words in it and they needed to separate the dialogue from the action because you almost did not catch the funny while there was so much blowing up or getting broken or beat. Other than the curse words, this was a great movie.

Last night we rented Amish Grace and Despicable Me.

Despicable Me was cute and silly, but very entertaining. I especially liked the interaction between the ugly dog and the littlest girl. Lloyd seemed to like all the funny stuff that happened to and you could do with minions.

Amish Grace was an absolutely wonderful experience. It was recommended to Lloyd by our pastor and is one the whole family will get something from. I know I teared up several times and I suspect Lloyd did as well. This movie will make you think about forgiveness and love in ways no other modern story does. Oh yeah, and it’s based on a true story.  The best movie I have seen in a long time. You will be blessed.